is a facilitator led, interactive team ideation session designed to guide and prepare business and technology stakeholders as they begin to transform their business.

Every company has to “digitalize”. Accelerating market dynamics and the need for higher business agility forces companies to re-model their business, build new strategies, create new digitized services and link technology to the business.

Digitalization should be viewed as an ever-evolving service requiring a lifecycle approach of continuous innovation and optimization.

INNOVATE is comprised of interactive sessions over the course of usually 2 days, preparing participants for the transition to a “digital” organization.

Stakeholders are challenged to re-evaluate what they know, what they expect and what they want to gain as they transition their organization. The only pre-requisite for attendees is to bring an open, engaged mind and the willingness to dive into the possibilities of “digital transformation”.

This service is usually part of an engagement package that consists of INNOVATE, TRANSFORM and an execution / optimization phase.

If such a comprehensive engagement is currently not desired or doable, please consider our starter packaged called IDEATE.

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